Foto: Karina Sultan
Preprint / Version 1

AHBO-kit: Architecten HoutBouw Overzicht

Afstudeerscriptie ALOHA - Karina Sultan


  • Karina Sultan



CO2-uitstoot, houtbouw, biobased, circulair, industrieel


Due to the major housing challenge, excessive CO2 emissions, climate change and targets, something must change in the building industry. Trees prove to be an ideal building material primarily because it stores CO2. Because of this, interest in timber construction has increased among architects and engineers. Only problem is there is little knowledge about massive timber construction in the Netherlands. So how can Dutch architects be stimulated to build more with timber? Karina Sultan researched a wide range of information: from books to webinars and interviews with experts. As a result, she created a timber building overview for designing apartments. This overview is called the Architecten HoutBouw Overzicht (in short AHBO). This 9-page overview contains basic knowledge that can help an architect: from global information about benefits, to more specific construction guidelines. Building with timber is needed to tackle climate change, so let us start moving towards a better-build future!