Photo by Maarten Feenstra
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1M Homes: 'More living space' doesn't just mean 'more building'


  • Marja Elsinga TU Delft
  • Thijs Asselbergs TU Delft


1MHomes, 1M Homes, 1M Homes initiative, Nederland, housing shortage


Demand is high. The shortage of suitable and affordable housing means more and more people are missing out. Is spending ten years churning out new houses and apartment buildings a sensible solution? According to professors Marja Elsinga and Thijs Asselbergs, we do need new buildings, but better use can be made of the existing housing stock, and a critical analysis of the housing system is also needed. Speaking on behalf of 1M Homes, an interdisciplinary initiative from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, in this double interview they call for a substantiated overall vision for the complex housing puzzle.

Author Biographies

Marja Elsinga, TU Delft

Marja Elsinga is professor of Housing Institutions & Governance at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. She is leading the chair of Housing Institutions & Governance, which is focusing on arrangements for housing that contribute to wellbeing of people in the Global North as well as the Global South. Adequate housing is about proper planning and design, energy efficient materials, processes and installations. To make adequate housing work; institutions and governance are of key importance. 

Thijs Asselbergs, TU Delft

Thijs Asselbergs is Professor of Architectural Engineering at the Department of Architectural Engineering + Technologyof TU Delft.

“I have been professor of Architectural Engineering at the faculty of Architecture since 2008. The chair is located at the intersection between architecture and building technology, where not only the integration of structures and climate systems in architecture is key, but also reinventing the power of the structural engineer. As generalists, we bring together many specialist architectural engineering disciplines."