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Open Building Academy - Video Lectures

A fascinating perspective on Open Building, given by (at least) five generations of architects


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Open Building is a more than ever necessary instrument for city planning, building development and design processes. The building industry faces the task of drastically lowering its carbon and ecological footprint, by extending the lifespan of buildings, through adaptability. Open Building supports the transition to a society based on co-creation, participation, involvement and inclusion. The so-called supports or base-buildings form the ‘infrastructure’ for home-owners and users to inhabit and co-produce their environment.

Open Building offers possibilities for new real estate development models and forms of co-ownership and co-making. The process of Open Building engages future users and residents in the early stages of a project, to foster a strong sense of ownership and belonging and contribute to community development. Open Building is a process open for ideas, for interpretation and participation, whilst at the same taking into account the challenges we are facing with climate adaptation, energy and material reduction and the transition towards a circular economy.

The Open Building Academy started in September 2019. Students of the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology research the Open Buildings, using the themes Open Development, Open Architecture and Open Systems. They will map the similarities and differences, study projects on their level of circularity and compare the various development processes.

In 2020 the Open Building Academy took a different, online direction. Initiated and organized by John Habraken, Thijs Asselbergs and the aE studio students, the workshop and lecture series Open Building NOW! generated a fascinating perspective on Open Building, given by (at least) five generations of architects.

You can watch all the videos here.

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